Smart City Solution

Smart City Solution is a signature solution of Monon AI that introduces us to a whole new level of smart and sophisticated security system through Smart City Security Suite (SCSS).

Take City Security system to the next level By Smart City Solution

With the fourth industrial revolution coming and smart cities being built everywhere, it is imperative to have a solution for keeping these areas safe. With smart cities, we need smarter security. That is where we bring in our Smart City Security Suite (SCSS).



Of This Solution

  • Face Recognition & Search
  • Vehicle Recognition & Search
  • ANPR
  • Person Tracking
  • Vehicle Tracking
  • Attribute Search
  • Event Analysis
  • Event Alerts
  • Mobile Recognition
  • Video Summary



Of This Solution

  • Save hundreds of thousands of hours from surveillance time
  • Never miss an incident
  • Save millions on monitoring costs
  • Get real time threat reports to respond faster to incidents
  • Keep the entire city under 24/7 watch
  • Avoid any kind of human error and provide evidence based justice
  • Find criminals, stolen vehicles and missing people instantly


Identifying criminal activity efficiently at real time to prevent criminal activities

Thumbprint identification is constrained as most of criminal nowadays getting cleverer not to leave their thumbprint on the scene. The footage of the CCTV can be used to identify suspects on scene. An automated facial recognition system for criminal database is used to detect and recognize face automatically from database. This helps the law enforcement to detect suspect of the case if no thumbprint present on the scene.


Maintaining Traffic law more efficiently by implementing smart traffic solution

Traffic jam is the result of cities having more vehicles than in the past with outdated maintenance, planning, and infrastructure that is not able to handle the needs of public roads. Outdated way of approaching traffics does not work efficiently in the cities nowadays. Our smart city solution  can detect vehicles that break traffic rules and file them cases in real time without any hustle.

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